World Unreleased Rereleased

by Buster Rogue

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.." true intelligence does not require the need for laws, religions,
territories, governments or the use of any type of monetary device...
..true compassion does not choose to exercise or engage in greed,
self-centeredness, deceitfulness or any type of hatefulness "...
...if we are indeed an authentic intelligent race of free thinking beings,
then this simple truth would be the foundation of all we do & all that
we stand for. ...Only then will unification & harmony in all that we do,
individually or as an entire civilization, will simply & naturally fall into place.

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released September 27, 2015

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After a 20 year expedition of venturing through life's unpredictable true nature and surprises, Buster Rogue finally releases a new album, 'World Unreleased Rereleased'. This full length album can be interpreted as the 'summary' of their 1995 self entitled EP, 'Buster Rogue - Buster Rogue', and, as another 'excerpt' from the world of 'Buster'.

As the last two decades unfolded, the message of Buster Rogue's music has seemingly manifested itself into our current world as a reality. The advancement of our civilization's technology in all fields of science, philosophy and religion, has globally and exponentially surpassed our own true understanding of our real selves and our true place in this world as a free thinking race of individual intelligent beings. But this 'trend' of servitude to a master that we have allowed ourselves to be possessed by, has already been going on for thousands of years. Our 'world' has literally become a monetary based big machine of supply and demand lead by a beast that hides behind corporations and governments.
'World Unreleased Rereleased' brings an anonymous voice that calls upon everyone to listen to the truth that already lives with in us all and to become a truly free thinking individual in a race of truly intelligent beings, so that we may be truly free from any unnecessary servitude to any self proclaimed master. Your time, ...has now come.

Combining 5 re-vised, re-mixed and re-mastered 'key' songs from their 1995 EP with 8 later written unreleased songs leaves us with an album that will not only rock you hard and heavy, but, will also move your soul and intellect while revealing a truth that we all already know, but, for most has somehow either forsaken or forgotten.
This is authentic groove and grunge orientated rock music that comes straight from the heart and soul. It displays generations of anger, happiness, compassion, as well as timeless contempt, that will leave the message and melodies lingering and dancing in your head and questioning your conscience.

...Come and join in with us as we celebrate the experience of a World Unreleased Rereleased.



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Buster Rogue Charlotte, North Carolina

~=<☼>=~ Progressive hard-rock/groove-n-grunge/some-metal/some-ambient/touch-of-rap/touch-of-r&b/psychedelically-laced/lots- of-in-your-face/dynamically-driven/blues-influenced/authentically-rebellious/with-timeless-contempt/jam-band sort of thing that stands with the 99% in the war against the big machine's 1% & wont take any bs from any self proclaimed master, government or religion. ...Expect Us! ... more

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Track Name: ~=< AwArE >=~
We, ...we are fighting to be free,
drowning in a sea of our anxiety.
You are aware of nothing,
but the truth's not hard to find
in your present state of mind.
I know you know.
When I look into your world,
I can see that you are blind
with out one or another.
Pushed your brother in the ghetto?
There can be another way.
You're free to fly any time that you try,
love's all around thee.
Become aware.
If you think in mind, if you think, you'll shine,
you know you know.
As I swallow another day of pride...
this is not your obsession,,
this is not foolish pride.
It's about, faith, trust, hope & love.
...Power?! Wealth?! hmm?!
I can feel you're born again.
Faith, trust, hope?
you let it go to let it go, so let it go, let it go,
become aware.
You're free to fly any time that you try,
love's all around thee.
Become aware.
If you think in mind, if you think, you'll shine, know you know...